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Nicholas \"Echo|Fox\" Paufler wrote:

> > "We at Bandai have NO PLANS WHATSOEVER of bringing
> > Zeta Gundam, Double Zeta Gundam, and Victory Gundam to
> > the US in ANY form. But we ARE planning to bring
> > Char's Counterattack, F91 and the original MS Gundam
> > here (thereby skipping a huge chunk of backstory). The
> > reasoning behind this is that "US audiences are not
> > prepared for overt serious anime" and that most of the
> > Universal Century Gundam is "too much for American
> > audiences
> >
> Cough.
> I don't know where you read this, but it's quite evidently a load of crap.
> They're airing Mobile Suit Gundam for the express purpose of showing North
> Americans what Gundam is all about. Bandai is quite literally forcing
> Toonami to air it along the lines of "No First Gundam? Fine, no other
> series. Period." First Gundam will lead into Zeta Gundam next year.
> The idea that they'd air CCA and not Zeta/ZZ is patently absurd.
> >
> > Well, I also read that Bandai does NOT want Zeta and
> > Double Zeta here, that it is "just for Japanese
> > audiences". And they want all of the fansubs GONE
> > too!!!!!! NO ACCESS for US audiences!!!
> >
> Sigh. Yes, Bandai _wants_ Z and ZZ here like you wouldn't believe. They have
> boatloads of models and toys they're itching to release here. That's where
> the money is. Remember, Gundam is just a toy commercial.

There was a rather sizable article in the local Orange County newspaper the
other day focusing on the Japanese companies cracking into the US markets, and
as one of the most successful to date, a lot of time was spent focusing on
Bandai and its products. If one thing was made abundantly clear in that
article, its that whatever Bandai thinks will sell in the US will appear here
before too long. They've been waiting for a long time to crack the US toy
market, but due to lack of recognized brand names (Gundam may be big in Japan,
but up until recently it wouldn't get much mileage in the US), never could make
much headway. The openings they've gotten with both the video game markets and
the Toonami shows are something they're not going to pass up.
While Bandai may not have timetables for all of their shows as of yet, its clear
that as long as the surge of interest keeps up, the shows will keep arriving on
our shores - every last one of them.
Along with toys, video games, models, etc..., all of which are specifically
geared for the US market.


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