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> Well I like the hybrid discs to they it gives me some
> idea why the anime has point to the story but still I
> hate the fact that I found out that Bandai is plaining
> to put out Gundam X maybe but only in Dub not in Sub
> in the US that made me mad to find out from a friend
> that write a letter to bandai when Reply from them
> saying
There have been no announcements regarding Gundam X whatsoever. Bandai is
committed to the Universal Century timeline and the marketing machine that
comes along with it.

> "We at Bandai have NO PLANS WHATSOEVER of bringing
> Zeta Gundam, Double Zeta Gundam, and Victory Gundam to
> the US in ANY form. But we ARE planning to bring
> Char's Counterattack, F91 and the original MS Gundam
> here (thereby skipping a huge chunk of backstory). The
> reasoning behind this is that "US audiences are not
> prepared for overt serious anime" and that most of the
> Universal Century Gundam is "too much for American
> audiences
I don't know where you read this, but it's quite evidently a load of crap.
They're airing Mobile Suit Gundam for the express purpose of showing North
Americans what Gundam is all about. Bandai is quite literally forcing
Toonami to air it along the lines of "No First Gundam? Fine, no other
series. Period." First Gundam will lead into Zeta Gundam next year.
The idea that they'd air CCA and not Zeta/ZZ is patently absurd.
> Well, I also read that Bandai does NOT want Zeta and
> Double Zeta here, that it is "just for Japanese
> audiences". And they want all of the fansubs GONE
> too!!!!!! NO ACCESS for US audiences!!!
Sigh. Yes, Bandai _wants_ Z and ZZ here like you wouldn't believe. They have
boatloads of models and toys they're itching to release here. That's where
the money is. Remember, Gundam is just a toy commercial.

> Also, G Gundam and Turn-A Gundam will NOT be released
> here in ANY form.....but they are considering Gundam X
> in a dubbed format (NO subtitles).
Again, NOTHING at all has been announced about alternate universe series.
Bandai is commited to UC right now and havent' said a peep about anything
Gundam X is not a likely contender both because of its poor reception in
Japan and the _Very_ limited marketing potential. A limited selection of
model kits and no toys does not make Bandai boatloads of money.

> US branch of Bandai/AnimeVillage need to go to hell.
Other than the whole "dub" only bit on First Gundam, I'm _very_ impressed
with Bandai Entertainment/Anime Village. Outlaw Star's amazing release of
the whole series on 3 two-DVD sets, the great job on Escaflowne.
And as we already know, it's Sunrise who needs to go to hell as it's them
who are refusing to give the Japanese language rights to Bandai
entertainment. Bandai Ent. asked, Sunrise said no.

You might want to check your facts before posting inflammatory material such
as this, in the future.

> Javier Vega

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