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> > As for the general issue of subs vs dubs, I have
> nothing to say. ^_^ Why?
> > Because this is THE bone of contention among
> anime fans, and if I've
> learned
> > one thing, is that you shouldn't start or
> participate in a subs vs dubs
> > debate without some good reasons, points, or
> both. I have the latter
> > aplenty, but I'm not going to get embroiled in
> another long
> > discussion...I'll just say that both sides have
> their views, and both views
> > are valid in their own ways. Me? I say subs all
> the way.
> Me personnally, I like the hybrid discs. Subbed and
> dubbed. Why, you ask.
> Simple.
> I have kids.
> I like watching the Anime's subbed, but my kids
> don't read well enough or
> fast enough to follow the story very easily, and I
> end up reading the whole
> movie to them.
> Dubs, on the other hand(even bad ones) let me relax,
> and enjoy the movie,
> while my kids get a greater exposure to what's out
> there.
> I don't need little Disney(TM) Billboards running
> arround my house.
> When the kids are at school, grandmas, or in bed, I
> get to watch the
> Subtitled movies in all their glory, and don't have
> to hear "What'd they
> say?" 50 times.
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Well I like the hybrid discs to they it gives me some
idea why the anime has point to the story but still I
hate the fact that I found out that Bandai is plaining
to put out Gundam X maybe but only in Dub not in Sub
in the US that made me mad to find out from a friend
that write a letter to bandai when Reply from them
"We at Bandai have NO PLANS WHATSOEVER of bringing
Zeta Gundam, Double Zeta Gundam, and Victory Gundam to
the US in ANY form. But we ARE planning to bring
Char's Counterattack, F91 and the original MS Gundam
here (thereby skipping a huge chunk of backstory). The
reasoning behind this is that "US audiences are not
prepared for overt serious anime" and that most of the
Universal Century Gundam is "too much for American

Well, I also read that Bandai does NOT want Zeta and
Double Zeta here, that it is "just for Japanese
audiences". And they want all of the fansubs GONE
too!!!!!! NO ACCESS for US audiences!!!

Also, G Gundam and Turn-A Gundam will NOT be released
here in ANY form.....but they are considering Gundam X
in a dubbed format (NO subtitles).

US branch of Bandai/AnimeVillage need to go to hell.

Javier Vega

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