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> As for the general issue of subs vs dubs, I have nothing to say. ^_^ Why?
> Because this is THE bone of contention among anime fans, and if I've
> one thing, is that you shouldn't start or participate in a subs vs dubs
> debate without some good reasons, points, or both. I have the latter
> aplenty, but I'm not going to get embroiled in another long
> discussion...I'll just say that both sides have their views, and both views
> are valid in their own ways. Me? I say subs all the way.

Me personnally, I like the hybrid discs. Subbed and dubbed. Why, you ask.

I have kids.

I like watching the Anime's subbed, but my kids don't read well enough or
fast enough to follow the story very easily, and I end up reading the whole
movie to them.
Dubs, on the other hand(even bad ones) let me relax, and enjoy the movie,
while my kids get a greater exposure to what's out there.

I don't need little Disney(TM) Billboards running arround my house.

When the kids are at school, grandmas, or in bed, I get to watch the
Subtitled movies in all their glory, and don't have to hear "What'd they
say?" 50 times.


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