garrick lee (
Sat, 10 Feb 2001 04:42:31 -0800 (PST) me blasphemous, but i rather liked the
american dubs of robotech and starblazers. with
robotech macross, all the character voices were so
much more identifiable and in-character (with the
exception of reba west minmei of course). breetai
sounded so much more imposing with the booming bass
voice; exedore so much more sagely (nerdy?); khyron
comes right off as...well, as only khyron can be; rick
and roy are perfect older brother younger brother act,
and lisa hayes rasp beats out any female dj's voice
i've ever heard (yeah yeah, i'm a sucker :P). the
robotech masters dubs also stand out, as do the reedy
bioroid voices. so they were repetitive, with the
same voice cast for three show's worth. big deal.

starblazers voices, with the exception of the
effeminate desslock (the jap deslok sounded so much
better...) and the bunch of vintage matsumoto
mysterious mystical females (starsha, treleina and
whatsername), were also spot on for me. though what
impressed me more about starblazers was their english
names. every damn one of them is a pun or innuendo of
some sort, goshdarnit.

in both cases i grew up on the english dubs, before
finding a few episodes of the original jap dubs years
later. could it be a case of first impressions making
a bigger impact? maybe. or maybe dubs aren't half as
bad as purists make them out to be.

or maybe dubs ain't what they used to be. i remember
watching the eng dubs of super robots, and for some
reason, they strike me as being more quality (despite
the accent problems and age of the sounds) than the
dubs of recent years (the sony dub of rorouni kenshin
on AXN really sucked ass...i suspect kaoru was dubbed
by reba west...and that has the effect of raking
fingernails across a chalkboard on that
to old dubs of, ehehe, daimos and grandizer).

on a rare occasion, dubs that make dialogue changes
are actually better, imo. i vastly preferred the
english dub of gai daigouji in nadesico to the
original jap. the comic value of the english dub just
sells itself more readily to me.

personally, i focus more on what the characters are
saying than how they say it. the best acting can't
make crappy stilted dialogue any better, but good
writing can make even the most modest acting all the
much better.


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