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> Yep, I agree. For me, I've found it easier to watch and read , as I
> more and more subs. Although, since most video release dubs are just like
> the original, except for the voices, I found myself watching the dub and
> using the subs, since I now buy all my new anime purchases on DVD. I'll
> maybe watch it through once with the subtitles, but not anytime soon. As
> long as the dub is totally uncut in a video release, I find myself just
> going ahead and just watching the dub, but that's why I buy DVD's, can
> the dub, but have the option of watching it subbed. Not too mention you
> 4 or more episodes per disc, at the price of a subbed tape or less.
> True anime fans know how a TV dub will usually turn out and sub and dubs
> shouldn't be a debate at all as, if one doesn't like the TV dub, either
> watch it and keep quiet or buy the subbed tape of subbed/dubbed DVD and
> your support of the sub known to the company. Wheather we like it or not,
> dubs will always exist, until, if ever, uncut subbed episodes will appear
> TV. Though I am sure it's only a matter of time until uncut dubs are
> probably not on CN, but at least one a non premium cable channel. Showing
> one's support for the sub, should be enough, as I am sure that sounds
> to companies then endless and meaningless sub/dub civil debates, flame
> etc.

true, but there is a South East Asian network called AXN that shows subbed
anime and I think their subs aren't that good. sometimes they show a long
sentence for just a split second (their timing is just the worst, fansubs
are like a hundred times better) and if you've seen the same anime series
subbed by others, you'd notice the translation is different sometimes (I
can't say which is more accurate since I only know like 5 Japanese words

by the way, besides Wing, what Gundam series/OAVs has been released in DVD
in North America?

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