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> anyway, I like watching dubs because I get to focus more on whats going on
> rather than just concentrated on reading the lines. but I also like
> watching subs because you get a better feel of whats happening because
> often than not the original japanese dub shows their emotions better
> throught the sound of their voices.

 Yep, I agree. For me, I've found it easier to watch and read , as I watch
more and more subs. Although, since most video release dubs are just like
the original, except for the voices, I found myself watching the dub and not
using the subs, since I now buy all my new anime purchases on DVD. I'll
maybe watch it through once with the subtitles, but not anytime soon. As
long as the dub is totally uncut in a video release, I find myself just
going ahead and just watching the dub, but that's why I buy DVD's, can watch
the dub, but have the option of watching it subbed. Not too mention you got
4 or more episodes per disc, at the price of a subbed tape or less.

True anime fans know how a TV dub will usually turn out and sub and dubs
shouldn't be a debate at all as, if one doesn't like the TV dub, either
watch it and keep quiet or buy the subbed tape of subbed/dubbed DVD and make
your support of the sub known to the company. Wheather we like it or not, TV
dubs will always exist, until, if ever, uncut subbed episodes will appear on
TV. Though I am sure it's only a matter of time until uncut dubs are shown,
probably not on CN, but at least one a non premium cable channel. Showing
one's support for the sub, should be enough, as I am sure that sounds better
to companies then endless and meaningless sub/dub civil debates, flame wars,

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