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> Only thing is that without dubbed anime on US TV, not as many people
> be aware of anime. I knew nothing about anime until I saw Robotech. I was
> old enough to watch it, but not old enough to remember much about it.
> it
> was rerun on the Sci-Fi Channel, I remembered it and started looking for
> Robotech toys, which in turn made me into a Gundam and anime fan. While I
> prefer subtitles, watching dubbed anime is no big deal to me. I was in
> middle school when I got into anime and renting the old stuff like Bubble
> Gum Crisis, the first volume of the original Orgass, etc. While it may
> be faithful to the original, it's nice to not have to buy all the
> on tape/DVD, as after watching the series once and second time, sometimes
> third, I will no longer watch it, as I will know exactly what happens in
> show and it's boring when I know what is going to happen. How many times
> you rewatch something?

I agree. it's a big issue among anime fans here in Manila when they started
showing anime at local station dubbed in Filipino. a lot of fans were
outraged saying that their favorite anime series wasn't given justice when
it was dubbed in Filipino. both Gundam Wing and G Gundam were shown in
Filipino here. I think it's more of bringing anime to the masses. most of
these people who watch this are those who can't afford to buy/rent anime or
those who wouldn't really care much about anime unless its on free TV. at
the same time these same people aren't that good with english (english by
the way is the second major language in the Philippines and most of the
population at least a little conversational english. it is taught in all
schools in all levels).

anyway, I like watching dubs because I get to focus more on whats going on
rather than just concentrated on reading the lines. but I also like
watching subs because you get a better feel of whats happening because more
often than not the original japanese dub shows their emotions better
throught the sound of their voices.

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