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Only thing is that without dubbed anime on US TV, not as many people would
be aware of anime. I knew nothing about anime until I saw Robotech. I was
old enough to watch it, but not old enough to remember much about it. When
was rerun on the Sci-Fi Channel, I remembered it and started looking for
Robotech toys, which in turn made me into a Gundam and anime fan. While I do
prefer subtitles, watching dubbed anime is no big deal to me. I was in
middle school when I got into anime and renting the old stuff like Bubble
Gum Crisis, the first volume of the original Orgass, etc. While it may not
be faithful to the original, it's nice to not have to buy all the episodes
on tape/DVD, as after watching the series once and second time, sometimes a
third, I will no longer watch it, as I will know exactly what happens in the
show and it's boring when I know what is going to happen. How many times do
you rewatch something?

If First Gundam was a DVD only release with no TV broadcast, I would buy
them no matter what even with dub only, but since it will be on TV I have no
reason to buy the DVD's either, unless they will have subtitles. People
should be mad at the people who caused this though, not at Anime
Village/Bandai Entertainment as they are just the folks who release the
anime for the home video market. None are like this here that I know, but
off list in other online forums, some are.

While dubs will not kill me, it is a shame for First Gundam to be DVD only.
While it's not very likely, the First Gundam dub could blow us all away with
excellent dubbing. I don't think Tomino is over seeing the dub just to sit
idle. While some say he's lost his touch, I don't think he'll mess up the
dub, if he's in any way related to a dub. If dubs where done right in the
first place, it would save the company head aches. Although most but not
all, companies seem to want nothing more then to make money, so they likely
cost corners whenever possible. While there are a lot of good folks in this
world, there are many more that only care about money and their own well
being and who put these two things above everything else.

My major dub peeve is it seems every single female character, except for
Hilda from Outlaw Star, are made to be shrill, high pitched and whiny

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