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Fri, 09 Feb 2001 23:23:06 -0800

Thanks for reminding. I've always used "Puru," don't know why I suddenly
switched to "Plu." Has to do age...

Zhou Tai An wrote:

> PLEASE don't call her Plu. Yes, I know it's a valid romanization of her
> name, but would you like it if I called Amuro Amlo or such? Use Puru. It
> sounds way better.

Well, it annoyed me more than amused me... =(

> I think the whole first part is intended to be comedy. ^_^

Once again, please allow me to remind you that games such as SRW are not the
most accurate source of information. They can be helpful, but not quite
substantial enough to qualify as primary source of information. Just look at
the number of games that would rank the warships Rewloola and the Gwanban class
over the Gwadan... The game producers must have been out of their minds...!

> Are you sure? I think she's an Enhanced Human - says so in her stats in SRW.

Don't worry! Even the famed Gundam Mechanics series has lots of errors in them.

> >Another piece of evidence comes from the MS assigned to her, the
> >ill-fated AMX-004-2 Qubeley Mk-II. In its HGUC model description, it
> >was said that the Axis military only began building the unit after
> >confirming Plu's NT abilities. Assuming that Toto only began working on
> >her mind after she was formally enlisted, it would be safe to conclude
> >that her NT abilities are indeed inborn.
> That is good evidence, though. Maybe I am wrong.

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