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Thank you Dr. Core. Do you have any hints on where I might buy the LG model?
I can usually find another LM on ebay.
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> Gus Jae wrote:
> >I knew about the LM Ball, but what is the "LG" kit of the ball that was
> >mentioned on the original message?
> >Was it just a typo?
> >Was there ever a Garage kit of the ball?
> >Omotai wrote:
> > > It's on Newtype Asylum, which gives a description of the Ball models
> > > LM Ball in the Modelphiles section.
> Ok this is getting out of hand. In NA-lingo, LG just mean the original
> series from 1980-1983. When I say a kit is LG, it means either it's from
> series, or that it has the same technical qualtiy as that series.
> Very strictly speaking, MSV (1983-85?) are already non-LG as they are
> marginally superior. But loosely speaking, anything without polycaps and
> require a lot of painting might be called LG.
> It's strictly NA-quirkiness. In the above case, I was discussing the LG
> kit which comes with a 1/250 and a 1/144 Ball (0079 of course). As far as
> I know, the LG Ball was the first injection Ball, the LM Ball was the
> and last injected Ball (so far).
> I wish they had come up with more Balls: Ball-booster, Missile Ball, Recon
> Ball, Heavy Ball, Ball Interceptor, Ball Tank, Ball Marines, Ball Darth
> Custom. Sigh, Balls don't get no respect in Gundam.
> Hmm... what's Haro's favority MS?
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