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>At 00.05 08/02/2001 , you wrote:
>>Ok, I posted something about designing the GML T-shirt a while >back and
>>one responded, but that's ok. I have figured out a design that >is sure to
>>please. Picture this:
>> A zaku, gundam Rx-78, and a kampher (or other MS) >in the
>> charlie's angels pose. This design would be on the back and >on the front
>> i could see a little GML logo (design unknown). Maybe some >sort of cute
>> charlie's angels slogan.

>I will get it!!!!! But now it's too early for me to point you >some
>leave some time.... if i'll get something, i'll tell you 4 sure.

>Ok... why don't put three Feds on a side, and Zeons on the >other??? Why
>make 2 shirts???? Too much costs.... better only one T-shirt >with both
>images.... groovy and cool. Maybe with the logo on the sleeve

>Gordan Gregov

I thought we were going to set up a shop at so we could
get the t-shirts (and mugs I hear) made for free and all we would pay for
would be the price of the shirt we ordered.

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