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>Welcome to the list then!
>Plu, in my opinion, is quite an annoying character, much like what

PLEASE don't call her Plu. Yes, I know it's a valid romanization of her
name, but would you like it if I called Amuro Amlo or such? Use Puru. It
sounds way better.

>everyone makes her out to be. While it is understandable for the
>producers to "lighten" up ZZ from a very dark and serious predecessor,
>Z, it still does not quite justify the existence of a bunch of spoilt
>brats on an otherwise alright show. This series could have easily been
>one of my favorite Gundam series if not were the AEUG characters, since
>the mecha designs are so fine...

I think the whole first part is intended to be comedy. ^_^

>Anyway, back to Plu. She, by consensus I believe, is a natural NT,
>although I recall one of those annoying brats onboard Argama -- an
>equally annoying ship -- call her an enhanced human. Given Gremmi
>Toto's love for zombie super-pilots, it could be that Plu also went
>through some form of strengthening (perhaps that would explain her
>erratic behaviors), for example, hypnosis, performed just before the
>battle during atmosphere entry.

Are you sure? I think she's an Enhanced Human - says so in her stats in SRW.

>Another piece of evidence comes from the MS assigned to her, the
>ill-fated AMX-004-2 Qubeley Mk-II. In its HGUC model description, it
>was said that the Axis military only began building the unit after
>confirming Plu's NT abilities. Assuming that Toto only began working on
>her mind after she was formally enlisted, it would be safe to conclude
>that her NT abilities are indeed inborn.

That is good evidence, though. Maybe I am wrong.

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