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Welcome to the list then!

Plu, in my opinion, is quite an annoying character, much like what
everyone makes her out to be. While it is understandable for the
producers to "lighten" up ZZ from a very dark and serious predecessor,
Z, it still does not quite justify the existence of a bunch of spoilt
brats on an otherwise alright show. This series could have easily been
one of my favorite Gundam series if not were the AEUG characters, since
the mecha designs are so fine...

Anyway, back to Plu. She, by consensus I believe, is a natural NT,
although I recall one of those annoying brats onboard Argama -- an
equally annoying ship -- call her an enhanced human. Given Gremmi
Toto's love for zombie super-pilots, it could be that Plu also went
through some form of strengthening (perhaps that would explain her
erratic behaviors), for example, hypnosis, performed just before the
battle during atmosphere entry.

Another piece of evidence comes from the MS assigned to her, the
ill-fated AMX-004-2 Qubeley Mk-II. In its HGUC model description, it
was said that the Axis military only began building the unit after
confirming Plu's NT abilities. Assuming that Toto only began working on
her mind after she was formally enlisted, it would be safe to conclude
that her NT abilities are indeed inborn.

As for Plu II, I would bet on that she, while sharing the same NT gift
as her clone/twin, received extensive enhancements during her
"hibernation," which helped her establish her position in the league of
NT pilots as the one with the highest brainwave output.

perry lyons wrote:

> My name is Perry Lyons, and i recently found the GML.
> 1.Is Elpe Plu really as amazingly annoying as everyone makes her out
> to be, and was she origionally a newtype before being subjected to the
> alteration process, or just a regular human, and how is her
> psychological state dealt with?

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