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> I'll agree that HG is trying to move Robotech as close to Macross as they can --
> now -- but I remain unconvinced that this was how it ever was. As you yourself
> noted, the mecha had already been licensed under other names. I'll allow as
> how, because Carl Macek was enamored of Macross -- Robotech came about because
> Macross didn't have the "magic number" of episodes and he had to combine it with
> the other series in order to get to that number -- HG may have dragged its feet
> and used the original names wherever they could get away with it, while avoiding
> the licensed names wherever possible and is now trying to undo the damage the old
> licensing caused, but I still contend that the licensed names were the "official"
> designations back when.

Again, I hate to say you're giving HG way too much credit. I'm with the 'Robotech
Research Group' (ie the link I gave before) that has been contracted to work on
continuity and canon issues for HG. The series used the Macross names simply because
it never thought to use anything else. They simply translated the original Japanese
dialogue. There was no 'dragging of feet,' because the invention of the Matchbox
names came from outside of HG, and AFAIK came afterwards. If anything, the Macross
names are the 'licensed' names (since HG had a license for all Macross and related

The recent use of the original names is not an attempt to move Robotech closer to
Macross, but simply a recognition by us, and approval by HG, that those are the
names used in the dialogue. HG didnt make up the Matchbox names, and never even had
a mechanism to do so. There has basically never been any internal HG oversight of
what is official or not. The Matchbox names are no more official than any of the
other myriad products that HG licensed out, but gave no oversight of, that have
resulted in such invented things as the Vindicator (RPG), SDF-7 or thinking caps
(McKinney), etc.

    Neil Baumgardner

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