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Erg. Let's not get into a sub vs dub flamewar.
The biggest argument against dubs is in an instance where the voice actor/actress so epitomizes the character they're playing that anything else just doesn't seem right. My favorite example is Excel, from Excel Saga. Excel's mannerisms and speach pattern just can't be translated into English without sounding dorky, so if it was ever dubbed, Excel would end up a different character.
Gundam has characters like this ... can you imagine Char as anyone other than Ikeda Shuuichi? (Maybe you can, if you've never heard him speak) They sort of go hand in hand, and it would just be too disconcerting to me to hear otherwise =)
However, anyone who has heard it in Japanese won't have the same problem, as long as its a decent dub. If whassis-face who voiced Milliardo/Zechs in Wing ends up playing Char in the dub, however, heads will roll. I will personally go on a rampage of destruction =P
Regardless, it doesn't matter... there's no right or wrong answer. You watch in whatever format you prefer... the subbers will never convince the dubbers and vice versa, so there's little point in wasting breath on it. If you've got a chance to, check a show out in both sub and dub form though and see which you prefer. I can honestly say in all my time watching anime I've never found a dub that was superior to a sub, so I've never felt compelled to watch any of my anime in dubbed form.
You may feel otherwise, and that's your perogitive =P

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>Unfortunatly, my contact with non-Wing gundam has been limited to the dubbed (euck) movie adaptations of the origional series.

What's peoples problems with dubbed anime? it's dubbed well, and the Gundam, at least, is uncensored.

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