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> Believing "space" to be their destiny, the Zeon tend to avoid >planetary
>> colonization. The Federation, while having a strong space >force, tend
>> planetary bases (even on planets where they have to build >atmosphere
domes or
>> underground)

>There's an old SF trope of conflict between repressed planet->dwellers and
>freedom loving spacers and asteroid dwellers that exactly >parallels the
>Earthnoid and Spacenoid factions in Gundam.

How about this, the Earth Federation (or maybe even CONSENT) desides to
focus on planetary colonization and terraforming and neglecting the
colonies. Some colonies (preferably from the old ones aka those in the
earth sphere) revolt and create a new version of Zeon. Meanwhile a new
Gundam-type Ms is being developed somewhere in the outer planets or in one
of the colonies near Jupiters moons. The Zeon type force tries to invade
these parts to capture the Gundam-tyoe MS and this is where our traditional
you Gundam Pilot (who IMHO shouldn't necessarily have to ba a boy) comes
into play.

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