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It reminds IMHO a little like Legend of galactic

--- ha scritto: > After reading
several of the posts about different
> Ideas for Gundams Future I
> kind of came up with sort of a comprimise that I'd
> like to see.
> Basically, the Zeon and Federation use their
> resources to being to journey
> out into TRUE outer space. A scientist on one side
> figures out FTL, and the
> other side steals the plans, so both sides are
> equally matched. The
> continuation of the UC timeline sees the Federation
> and the Zeon still at
> each other's throats hundreds of years into the
> future. The Federation is a
> collection of centrally located star systems, and
> the Zeon's are composed of
> the outer systems, and groups of stellar "gypsies"
> who refuse to submit to
> the control of the Federation.
> Believing "space" to be their destiny, the Zeon tend
> to avoid planetary
> colonization. The Federation, while having a strong
> space force, tend toward
> planetary bases (even on planets where they have to
> build atmosphere domes or
> underground)
> Same old arguements, same possibilities, new
> battleground. (as long as we
> don't have to endure another Kou Uraki. :P )
> oh, and lest we forget, lots of new toys for us to
> oogle over.
> No aliens, humanoid or otherwise to interfere.
> Well, okay, we're talking
> Japanese Anime here, so each planet has to have some
> incredibly cute creature
> that hangs out on the shoulder of a female pilot in
> the series.
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