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some people are just ignorant I guess. Take a lot of things for granted.
Tell your friends, family and co-workers about first Gundam. They have to
watch it. In an interview with the President of Cartoon network, he said
that he himself is a big Gundam fan and would love nothing more than to have
it be a success. But being the president of a company, it has to make money,
and if no-one watches, they'll stop bringing the gundam series over. Check
it out from gundam.com

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I don't really understand why some people want MS gundam to fail. Doesn't
it dawn on you that he success of MS Gundam (aka First Gundam)is vital to
the continued development of Gundam as a franchise? Since Gundam isn't as
successful in japan as it was before Bandai is now looking for new markets
to bring Gundam too. The success of MS Gundam in the States means more
Gundam will be brought over which means cheaper and newer Gundam
merchandise. That and we'll finally be able to get the other series without
much trouble and maybe even get a new one or two.

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