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On Wed, 7 Feb 2001 18:59:17 Federico Makabenta wrote: >> >>> On Tue, 6 Feb 2001 12:53:35 >>> Federico Makabenta wrote: >>Though they didn't know what Gundam show it came >>> >from - the white head, two head spikes and facial guard >made people >>remark >>> >"Gundam" instantly. >>> >>> What University is this? >> >>University of the Philippines. Last year's Lantern parade and >the org that >>>cosplayed was UP AME (Anime & Manga Enthusiasts) - sorry for >omitting some >>details, but its for the sake of clarity to people who don't >understand the >>local context. ;) > >UP huh. I should have known. There used to be group of otaku >back in 1996 who decided to form some semblance of an otaku >club in our campus (UP Los Banos) but we just went off on our >separate ways bascially due to lack of common interests. Nice >to know such a club still exists in the is still >alive right?

Actually, you're a lucky otaku if you live or study in the Katipunan/QC area, A club in UP (area, A club in UP (Anime@Arki the anime club of the Architecture school) has monthly showings, meanwhile close by in the Ateneo de Manila where I come from, three different corgs regularly have showings as well as sales of stuff.

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