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I too preferred the 2nd Season of Transformers to the first. It had a
darker attitude than the Optimus years and more of an edge. I'm also
one of the few that actually preferred Rodimus Prime to Optimus Prime.
I really like the whole idea of some hot-shot, carefree, young "teen"
who was had to grow up fast when he was suddenly given the
responsibility of leading his people against their dreaded enemy. The
second season also contained what I think had the best animated episode
in all of American TV, "Call of the Primitives." Anyone know if Toei
was the one that animated this episode? It had a totally different look
to it than the average Transformers episodes. The characters were much
sleeker and looked a lot better, especially Abominus.

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> << Hmm... I hope to god this is the return of the new Japanese carrobots.
> Check
> out my friend's website:
> I still think the first season of the 80s Transformers is one of the best
> animated TV ever had to offer.
> >>
> Believe it I liked the "next generation" series the best. Galvatron was my
> absolute favorite, he was just so frigging insane it was awesome. He didn't
> take any crap. I mean look what he did to Starscream in the movie.
> Jason
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