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Fri, 9 Feb 2001 01:33:03 -0500

My name is Perry Lyons, and i recently found the GML.
Unfortunatly, my contact with non-Wing gundam has been limited to the dubbed (euck) movie adaptations of the origional series.
Anyways, a few quick questions to make this a bit less narcicisstic.
1.Is Elpe Plu really as amazingly annoying as everyone makes her out to be, and was she origionally a newtype before being subjected to the alteration process, or just a regular human, and how is her psychological state dealt with?
2. In Turn A gundam, does the Turn A have some sort of second form? I saw a pic somewhere where the Turn A had Evangelionesque wings of light. Was wondering if this was some sort of second form.


"No Sara, that is Char Anzable, not Zechs. He has a much cooler mask."

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