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> >So I've been a Gundam Fan, and an RPG fan for quite a while now. Wanting
> >merge my two hobbies, I've been running a couple RPG's for my friends
> >on several gundam series and side stories.
> >I'm just trying to find out if anyone else has done this. And if so,
> >rules do you use.
> I have a universe and rules, but my friends don't seem to want to play the
> game...:( Rules-wise, I use my own. Don't like using published rules - too
> constrictive.

We use BESM, and our target timeline is around Zeta/ZZ. we've liberally
tinkered with the techonlogy, borrowing from AC timelines (like one of my
friends who is basically a kenshin in a gundam), but we've kept the flavor
of politics and dehumanization.

I use a souped up Kampfer (i've modified the chain mine to become an even
deadlier weapon), with a stealth drone that follows it around. the pilot is
also a, ahem, follow me closely now: a 16 year old idol singer bishie yaoi
kid. I am not kidding.

As you can see, though we have a lot of the angst, we also have a lot of the
ZZ goofiness, and a lot more...chalk it up to Philippine humor.

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