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> Now, HG is returning to Robotech, and making an attempt to set the
> record straight.
> The Destroids have not yet been uploaded to the Beta site, but I think all
> indications are they will return to the original Macross names...

I'll agree that HG is trying to move Robotech as close to Macross as they can --
now -- but I remain unconvinced that this was how it ever was. As you yourself
noted, the mecha had already been licensed under other names. I'll allow as
how, because Carl Macek was enamored of Macross -- Robotech came about because
Macross didn't have the "magic number" of episodes and he had to combine it with
the other series in order to get to that number -- HG may have dragged its feet
and used the original names wherever they could get away with it, while avoiding
the licensed names wherever possible and is now trying to undo the damage the
old licensing caused, but I still contend that the licensed names were the
"official" designations back when.

> > > > And, as noted, the Macross SDR-04 Phalanx Mk XII became the
> > > Robotech Spartan Mk
> > > > XII, which has no corresponding BattleTech mech.
> > >
> > > It was in the original BattleTech game if I am correct, known as
> the Bowman.
> >
> > Show me.
> Ah, I have now consulted with my resident Battletech expert (former GML poster
> Roland Thigpen): It was called the Longbow, and was introduced in the
> "Sorenson's
> Sabres" supplement. It was also released in the German edition of the
> 3026 Technical
> Readout. It was redrawn for the 3058 Technical Readout.
> Here's some supporting evidence:
> http://roger.ecn.purdue.edu/~fanjoy/mechs/ASSAULT/longbow1.html
> http://mercs3055.com/~atticus/isassualt/longbowow.html

Hmmm. OK, I surrender -- although this mech was pretty obscure even then.

By the way, you might mention to whoever maintains that second site that he's
got the mech name typoed as "Longwbow" not only in the title graphic but also in
the screentip that pops up for it. Also, shouldn't the model number be LGB-0W
(zero-W) rather than LGB-OW (oh-W)?


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