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  I have high hopes for Gundam, here's why:

Can't remember the exact day, it was in an episode of Outlaw Star on CN this week. It's in the episode where Gene meets the older of those two brothers he's after and the blue haired one, with the robot arm tries to kidnap Melfena, the word "bastard" and "hell" where used, as well as very violent sounds coming from the building he attacks Melfena at, this was during the 6:30 PM Outlaw Star and NOT the Midnight run, as I do not watch the Midnight run, since CN's editing does not butcher the anime nor do they change the story, like others do.

This does not bother me about what I just described, it's just that I was surprised to hear the word "bastard" considering how psycho and out of touch with reality, the censors can be. It seems CN is getting more and more reasonable with their anime, as Gundam Wing was only allowed to use the word "crap". While curse words are harsh, making a big deal out of it is plain stupid, as this is reality and lot's of little kids hear worse at school and in public places and making of big deal out of it encourages folks to cuss worse >:) The only words that bother me are "G.D." and the four letter F word, the rest doesn't really bother me. So just maybe, the CN First Gundam dub will have light editing, if they continue what ever it is they did to keep Outlaw Star with it's cuss words. It seems stupid, but I actually saw blood in today's episode.

I don't like gore and buckets of blood, but I do like just enough to add realism to anime. Kids sometimes see worse then that when they get a badly scraped knee or a bad cut. Little boys love to play rough and tough, so do some little girls. I still do, but when I was little, I loved to have toys with ton's of weapons of weapons. Now, 90 ton killer robots armed to take on a huge army :)

-Sarcasm ON-

"Oh my God, this stuff is corrupting Americans children, Let's ban it!!" The angry psycho parent groups scream as they storm CN's Head Quarters with law suit papers in upraised hands. ^_^

-Sarcasm OFF-

What get's me is, if America's a free country, then we should not have need of any censorship, period. Television censorship is not freedom, ya know?! Movies, Television and computer/video games have ratings, so there shouldn't be any censorship. Anyway, sorry for the mini rant. Since this is semi OT anyway now, I really like Outlaw Star. Space ships with arms, what a unique, as well as a "Why didn't someone think of it sooner" idea. Ship to ship combat is very high paced, love the computer virus/hacking warfare thrown into the mix!

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