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> > Actually, the 'Robotech' names are only that in the context of what
> > was stuck on the
> > Matchbox toy boxes, corresponding PlayMates toys, and the RPG (which
> > simply copied
> > the toy names). The series, if anything, endorses the original Macross names:
> >
> Can you spell "retcon"? Good! I knew you could!
> All these people have done is use the fact that they either didn't use the
> licensed American name -- that is, the name that they'd paid to have copyrighted
> for their merchandize and actually owned -- or slipped up and forgot to use the
> licensed name in the actual show to justify reverting to the original Japanese
> name now.

Sorry, didnt work that way. HG, as has been proven all too recently, had and has a
licence for Macross and all related products in the U.S. HG didnt have pay to
copyright new names. Matchbox simply came up with them on their own, with little or
no oversight from HG. Unfortunately, until of late, HG has been an absent landlord,
licensing out products to whoever was willing to pay. This is also resulted in the
McKinney novels, Palladium RPG, etc having numerous inconsistencies with the show,
let alone eachother. The series was the only thing HG actually oversaw. Besides, if
the series isnt 'canon,' what the heck is?....

Now, HG is returning to Robotech, and making an attempt to set the record straight.
The Destroids have not yet been uploaded to the Beta site, but I think all
indications are they will return to the original Macross names...

> > > And, as noted, the Macross SDR-04 Phalanx Mk XII became the
> > Robotech Spartan Mk
> > > XII, which has no corresponding BattleTech mech.
> >
> > It was in the original BattleTech game if I am correct, known as the Bowman.
> Show me.

Ah, I have now consulted with my resident Battletech expert (former GML poster
Roland Thigpen): It was called the Longbow, and was introduced in the "Sorenson's
Sabres" supplement. It was also released in the German edition of the 3026 Technical
Readout. It was redrawn for the 3058 Technical Readout.

Here's some supporting evidence:

If you happen to have any old Battletech books, you can also find the Longbow in the
Mechwarrior Second Edition RPG book (pg 78) and the original Mercenary Handbook (pg


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