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Okay Les, now that you've opened this pandoras box, what was the name of that
book. I seem to remember glancing at it in the local library, but now I
don't remember the title, and would like to give it a read.

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> an interesting book i recently read about an on-going intergalactic war
> between two vast stellar nations intruiged me.. anyway one of the
> factions is desperate to find allies to help battle the mind-controled
> legions of the opposing side, and then they find earth.. after
> confronting a terran and finding him (much to his ow suprise) both
> physically superior to almost every other race they have encountered and
> disturbingly well-equiped mentally for combat the scales get tipped..
> turns out all the other advanced races except humans got to be so
> enherintly advanced by becoming increadible pacifists, so much so that
> some individuals need massive doses of tranquilizers just ot raise a
> weapon in self-defense without going catatonic... in this universe if it
> were Star Trek, WE would be the Klingons.
> -Les


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