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Thu, 08 Feb 2001 15:28:32 -0800

>that is why I would disagree that we insert aliens into the Gundam

I agree, but not for the sci-fi value. What separates Gundam from the run-of-the-mill sci-fi show is that it puts a premium on human conflict. What makes it more interesting is that it depicts war as a despicable act of man upon himself. If we put aliens this concept cannot be shown effectively. Case in point: Macross. Both Gundam and Macross have dynamic characters and enjoyable storylines, but looking closer, Macross depicts its war as a war of survival, us or them, so basically it is easy to distinguish the good and bad. Not so with Gundam since both parties fight for ideology leaving lots of stragglers in the middle with little choice. This kind of conflict is grim and gritty Gundam. Putting aliens will ruin it, turning war into a show of righteeous indignation, which it isn't.

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