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>> After reading several of the posts about different Ideas for Gundams
>Future I
>> kind of came up with sort of a comprimise that I'd like to see.
>> Basically, the Zeon and Federation use their resources to being to
>> out into TRUE outer space The Federation
>is a
>> collection of centrally located star systems, and the Zeon's are composed
>> the outer systems, and groups of stellar "gypsies" who refuse to submit
>> the control of the Federation.
Expanding to the scope of space might be feasible, but then it might turn out to be something like "another" Gundam. What I mean by this is like what they did with Wing. Nothing original, just a few touch ups on the backgrounds. I really like the old one year war concept of war in the colony system, but expanding the scale to galactic proportions with the same conflict goes for very shallow ends in storytelling. The Gundam of the future have to be new, fresh in concept, yet still retains the old Gundam traditions. Pulling something like this (pleasing old-school fans with new story concepts) will be very difficult at best.

Instead of looking forward, it would be great if they did a retrospective, say an OAV about Zeon Daikun and how the Zabi's took over to start the One Year War...

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