Burke Rukes (mechadomain2000@yahoo.com)
Thu, 8 Feb 2001 14:24:40 -0800 (PST)

Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd give my impressions of the Endless
Waltz DVD that I picked up Tuesday, plus ask everyone
(and particularly Mark) a question that's kinda

First of all, the package is definitely an
eye-catcher, with its shiny, silver foil-style cover.
The menus and menu transitions are nice, and aren't
annoying to navigate through like most anime DVDs
usually tend to be.

As for the video itself, I did, of course, watch the
movie version. Having never seen it before, I was
curious about the extra footage. Now, those of us
who've seen the OVA version of EW know that the
animation is sweet, but the extra footage made for the
movie is super-sweet! And I mean super-sweet as in a
"so loaded up with sugar that it'll leave you clinging
from the ceiling for a month" level of sweet. ^_^

And speaking of the extra footage, I thought the scene
where Dorothy shows up was very, very amusing. Plus,
is it just me, or has she gotten taller? She also
seems to be acting a lot more mature, yet cynical,
than she did in the TV series. My favorite
warmonger-chick-with-funky-eyebrows now has a sense of
humor. I like. :)

Okay, now for my last point about the DVD which leads
to my question. The DVD's extras include full
descriptions and photo galleries of all the MSs, and
the Sandrock and Heavyarms were called... guess what?
Sandrock Kai and Heavyarms Kai. I was VERY thankful
that they didn't call ANY of the Gundams "Custom".
However, the use of "kai" was kinda surprising.

Which leaves me with my question. On The Mecha Domain,
I always translate the "kai" part of any mobile suit
name as "modified", such as Modified Sandrock and
Modified Heavyarms. The only instances where I use
"custom" as a translation of "kai" is where it's
regularly used in official materials, such as the Zaku
III Custom. I do NOT use "custom" when it's only a
monnicker added by Bandai for the model kit names (as
in the case of the EW Gundams). However, since "kai"
has now been used on a US-release DVD/video, what does
everyone (particularly Mark) think about using "kai"
instead of "modified"? While there's nothing wrong
with using "modified", I can see where it does lead to
some confusion for people who are used to seeing
"kai"... in fact, I think I'm the only one who
regularly uses "modified" on my own site. But, as in
the recent discussions about MS and chara name
spellings, I like to have a little consistency with
established "official" materials. Thoughts, anyone?

-Burke Rukes

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