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> does anyone knows where can i find a time line for
> 08th MS team?
> i am trying to write a fanfic....

There's no separate and distinct 08th MS Team timeline, any more than there are
separate and distinct timelines for Gundam 0080, Blue Destiny, Rise From The
Ashes or any other side story set in the One Year War era. They'll all
additions to the pre-existing continuity, intertwined -- some might say
shoehorned -- into the established UC timeline.

This is what creates so much confusion. As addition after addition is made to
the UC timeline, it begins to contradict itself, especially when some of the new
elements were erroneous to begin with and have to be rationalized to make them

Fanfic should be approached the same way as an historical novel. You can't
change any of the major events known to have happened and must factor those
events into the life experience of your characters, unless you place them so far
afield that they're clear of them. Many writers can't deal with such
restrictions, hence "literary license" and the fictionalization of history that
results -- invented meetings and conversations that could never have taken
place, deconstruction or reconstruction of historical figures to give them
sensibilities and worldviews they couldn't possibly have, and so on. This is
also why "alternative history" is so popular, as you can literally make it up as
you go along and sidestep any inconvenient or troublesome historical fact or

An honest writer either plays by the rules or makes it clear that the work is a
"pure" fiction, unsullied by any adherence to factual history as we know it.


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