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> At 12:41 02/07/2001 -0800, -Z- wrote:
> >Here's the BatteTech/Macross/Robotech mecha scorecard:
> >And, as noted, the Macross SDR-04 Phalanx Mk XII became the Robotech
> Spartan Mk
> >XII, which has no corresponding BattleTech mech.
> >-Z-
> Hah! Got you there, -Z-. The Phalanx *is* in Battletech, as Neil
> says. I've even got the Battletech miniature, known as the Longbow.
> The update 3060 Technical Readout has a new Longbow, which looks
> nothing like the Macross Phalanx.

That's now, this was then. Meaning that I was talking about the way things were
back when BattleTech was just getting started and Robotech was still on the air.

Ain't retcons grand?


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