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> I think that Gundam is unique because of the 'proximity' (can't use another
> word) of the setting, that's part of its realism. An 'outer space Gundam'
> could work for an Alternate Universe, not for UC. I want more 'near sci -
> fi', not a Star Wars clone...

Amen! Star Wars influences notwithstanding, had it not been for the necessity
of factoring in Giant Robots Gundam would've probably been set a lot closer to
the present. When O'Neill proposed his High Frontier concept, on which the
Sides are based, he projected Island One as a 20 to 30 year project. That makes
the original projection of 1999 for the Federation, 2000 for the Space
Colonization project and 2066 for the start of the Gundam story quite

Gundam is definitely a "day after tomorrow" type of story. Except for the ship
and MS based beam weapons, landships, fusion rockets and the Minovsky reactors
that make them possible, all of the background technology is on par with what we
had in the 70s, with a few updates here and there to bring things up to current
levels. It's "accessible" and, to a large degree, "immediate" (I think those
are the words you wanted) to a present-day audience. The characters live and
think and act the way we do or, more precisely, as the average Japanese does.

If Tomino could've had his way, Gundam wouldn't have had any MS or other
appurtenances and would be even more accessible and immediate. It'll be
interesting to see if For The Barrel moves in that direction, scaling the MS
down and back until they're little more relevant than, say, an F-22 fighter
plane and moving the dramatic story to center stage. Tomino went back and did
Dunbine without Aura Battlers in Garzey's Wing, but is unable to do that with
Gundam. Maybe FTB will do it for him.


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