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Thu, 8 Feb 2001 14:09:38 -0500

> an interesting book i recently read about an on-going intergalactic war
> between two vast stellar nations intruiged me.. anyway one of the
> factions is desperate to find allies to help battle the mind-controled
> legions of the opposing side, and then they find earth.. after
> confronting a terran and finding him (much to his ow suprise) both
> physically superior to almost every other race they have encountered and
> disturbingly well-equiped mentally for combat the scales get tipped..
> turns out all the other advanced races except humans got to be so
> enherintly advanced by becoming increadible pacifists, so much so that
> some individuals need massive doses of tranquilizers just ot raise a
> weapon in self-defense without going catatonic... in this universe if it
> were Star Trek, WE would be the Klingons.

Actually, we'd make Klingons look like wimps.
If you're talking about the trilogy by Allan Dean Foster, I read them as
They were a fun read. You also forgot to mention that despite the fact that
human civilian technologies were light years behind that of everyone else,
military technology was only slightly behind that of the aliens. That
point probably isn't as realistic as the physical differences (humans, and
species on Earth, are virtually unique in the universe in having solid
heavy musculature, and adrenaline rushes),

This book sounds interesting what is the name of it?

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