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> Char Aznable wrote:
> > that is why I would disagree that we insert aliens into the Gundam
> > storyline. why? because aliens that will reach earth will always be
> > technologically superior to us. otherwise how would they reach earth? and
> > if you watch the super robots, there's always alien technology involved in
> > the super robots for them to beat this aliens because earth technology is
> > ancient compared to thsoe invading aliens. now do you think a Gundam would
> > be technologically superior enough to beat those aliens? I don't think so.
> > remember that Gundam is a technological breakthrough for its timeline. the
> > armor material, the humanoid form, everything was state of the art. but if
> > alien technology can make battleships and hurl them across the universe at
> > the speed of light or even faster, I think Gundam technology would be
> > available in science kits at the local K-Mart from wherever part of the
> > galaxy they came from. it would be that simple and that primitve compared
> > to what they have.
> >
> good points, but not absolute, people have been pointing to Dream Pod 9
> products so i will to.. in Heavy Gear FLT travel is possible through use
> of spacial anomalies calld Tannhauser gates that must be opened by huge
> expendatures of energy.. the aparatis for this is so big and bulky that
> the 'gateships' are truely mammoth... it could be possible that an FTL
> technology and effective military technologies could be mutually
> exclusive due to engineering concerns and on the one hand you have an
> alien fleet with sleek and powerfull warships, but the biggest of the
> big ships everyone would be scared of at first sight would be just big
> lumbering leviathans devoting too much space ot the means of getting
> them all home to mount all but token armaments
> also you forget Minovsky physics, though it is possible that other races
> might make that discovery it's not guaranteed, nor is it's possible uses
> militarily, and then there are the newtype weapons...
> an interesting book i recently read about an on-going intergalactic war
> between two vast stellar nations intruiged me.. anyway one of the
> factions is desperate to find allies to help battle the mind-controled
> legions of the opposing side, and then they find earth.. after
> confronting a terran and finding him (much to his ow suprise) both
> physically superior to almost every other race they have encountered and
> disturbingly well-equiped mentally for combat the scales get tipped..
> turns out all the other advanced races except humans got to be so
> enherintly advanced by becoming increadible pacifists, so much so that
> some individuals need massive doses of tranquilizers just ot raise a
> weapon in self-defense without going catatonic... in this universe if it
> were Star Trek, WE would be the Klingons.

Actually, we'd make Klingons look like wimps.
If you're talking about the trilogy by Allan Dean Foster, I read them as well.
They were a fun read. You also forgot to mention that despite the fact that the
human civilian technologies were light years behind that of everyone else, their
military technology was only slightly behind that of the aliens. That particular
point probably isn't as realistic as the physical differences (humans, and other
species on Earth, are virtually unique in the universe in having solid bones,
heavy musculature, and adrenaline rushes), but it does reinforce the point that if
aliens were to show up on our front doorstep tomorrow, we have no clue what they
would be like. They could have FTL drives, energy shields, and who knows what
else, and yet still never have realized that an accelerated projectile is an
excellent way to hurt someone.
The more recent incarnations of the game Starfire provide excellent examples of
this. The first few additions of the game provide uniform technology across the
board. But a supplement released a few years ago (Alkelda Dawn), took one of the
alien races that arrived late on the stage in the setting's 'history' (and which
had barely had a chance to make their presence known) and COMPLETELY rewrote their
tech base. The primary races in the setting had been in contact with each other
for a long time, and so their technologies were pretty much identical (although
every now and then you'd get something different, like the Thebens, who detonated
nuclear weapons on board their ship to operate the x-ray lasers...). Alkelda Dawn
rewrote the tech base for the Alkeldans to such an extent that even the drive
systems for the Alkeldans operated differently than those of the original races.
To put it simply, if an Alkeldan technology fleet were to tackle a fleet using
standard Starfire technology, the Alkeldans would have incredible advantages in
speed and maneuverability, but would have some distressing vulnerabilities in
And that's not even mentioning the other (incomplete) tech that appeared in that


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