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It's an interesting time, boys and girls, and we're going to find out a LOT
about the future of Gundam in North America between February 11th and
Why's that you ask? It's Toy Fair 2001, of course!
Everyone who's anyone in the toy biz will be there (including Bandai, of
course) showing off all their goodies for the next year. Why do we care
(other than we love toys)? Because as we all know, Bandai is only bring MSG
over to sell kits and toys ... and soon we'll find out specifically what
toys and models =P has their preview up, including the following tidbit
regarding Gundam:

*Gundam: saving the best for last. 2000 marked the Gundam US Invasion,
making the cartoon, model kits, and figure line one of the hottest
collectible items to grace these shores in some time. Bandai will continue
this trend into 2001 with (drum roll)- MS Gundam model kits and action
figures! Based on the series that started it all, with such popular Gundams
as the RX-77 Gundam, Zaku II, Zogg, and Z'Gok, this line promises to be a

On the Bandai preview page, there is a picture of various MSiA's posed in a
OYW diorama, but I can't say whether it's a new picture or just an old one
they cobbled together.

So soon we'll know specifically what's on the way? Can you FEEL the
excitement? I can. I am so pumped to be able to load up on OYW merchandise
... I _will_ have my hordes of ZakuII's and GM's .... A bao a Qu will be
realized on my shelf!

I'll report on anything interesting I find as news comes out, but keep an
eye on the usual sources ( and yourselves)
to keep up to date.

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