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> After reading several of the posts about different Ideas for Gundams
Future I
> kind of came up with sort of a comprimise that I'd like to see.
> Basically, the Zeon and Federation use their resources to being to
> out into TRUE outer space. A scientist on one side figures out FTL, and
> other side steals the plans, so both sides are equally matched. The
> continuation of the UC timeline sees the Federation and the Zeon still at

> each other's throats hundreds of years into the future. The Federation
is a
> collection of centrally located star systems, and the Zeon's are composed
> the outer systems, and groups of stellar "gypsies" who refuse to submit
> the control of the Federation.

isn't this the storyline of MechWarrior?

I guess one reason why Gundam doesn't deviate too much in its story line is
because they don't want to be stepping into the storylines of other popular
mecha stories. they want to have an identity of their own and don't want to
be branded as a copy cat.

> Believing "space" to be their destiny, the Zeon tend to avoid planetary
> colonization. The Federation, while having a strong space force, tend
> planetary bases (even on planets where they have to build atmosphere
domes or
> underground)

if the Zeon avoid planetary colonization, where do they get their resources
to build colonies?

in my opinion, the Zeon would colonize other planets, the only reason why
they live in colonies is that there isn't any other planet inhabitable by
humans. sure, we could terraform Mars, but it takes about a thousand years
to terraform, right?

> Same old arguements, same possibilities, new battleground. (as long as we

> don't have to endure another Kou Uraki. :P )

> oh, and lest we forget, lots of new toys for us to oogle over.

knowing Bandai, they wouldn't need a new series to do that ^_^

> No aliens, humanoid or otherwise to interfere. Well, okay, we're talking

> Japanese Anime here, so each planet has to have some incredibly cute
> that hangs out on the shoulder of a female pilot in the series.

good point, maybe a Pokemon planet or something ^_^

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