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> what are the chances of one of those races reaching
> earth? not likely. look deep. the sea creatures look
> pretty alien already. chances are, the first alien we
> encouter will be very familiar to us.

you can't say not likely. other sentient beings in the universe can be more
advanced as we are. on the other hand, they can be sentient and yet
primitive, like we were in the stone age.

that is why I would disagree that we insert aliens into the Gundam
storyline. why? because aliens that will reach earth will always be
technologically superior to us. otherwise how would they reach earth? and
if you watch the super robots, there's always alien technology involved in
the super robots for them to beat this aliens because earth technology is
ancient compared to thsoe invading aliens. now do you think a Gundam would
be technologically superior enough to beat those aliens? I don't think so.
remember that Gundam is a technological breakthrough for its timeline. the
armor material, the humanoid form, everything was state of the art. but if
alien technology can make battleships and hurl them across the universe at
the speed of light or even faster, I think Gundam technology would be
available in science kits at the local K-Mart from wherever part of the
galaxy they came from. it would be that simple and that primitve compared
to what they have.

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