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> After reading several of the posts about different Ideas for Gundams Future I
> kind of came up with sort of a compromise that I'd like to see.
> Basically, the Zeon and Federation use their resources to being to journey
> out into TRUE outer space. A scientist on one side figures out FTL, and the
> other side steals the plans, so both sides are equally matched. The
> continuation of the UC timeline sees the Federation and the Zeon still at
> each other's throats hundreds of years into the future. The Federation is a
> collection of centrally located star systems, and the Zeon's are composed of
> the outer systems, and groups of stellar "gypsies" who refuse to submit to
> the control of the Federation.

One of the hallmarks of Gundam is that, with the exception of Minovsky physics
and the whole Giant Robot schtick, everything is rooted in Real Science.
Nothing in current physics or even Minovsky physics supports propelling a ship
to light speed or beyond. The most reasonable fictional trope is an immovable
warp gate or wormhole through which ships can travel from Star System A to Star
System B without having to go superluminal or traverse the intervening space or

One can expand the Gundam milieu to include the entire Solar system -- one need
look no further than Dream Pod 9's excellent Jovian Chronicles RPG for a nice
implementation of this -- but pushing it beyond that scale just turns Gundam
into BattleTech.

One point of contention could be the Star Gate itself. Just as the conflict in
Orguss centered on control of the Space Elevator -- it was the use of the D Bomb
in Episode 1 to try and destroy it that created the dimensional rift and
continued desire to control it that brought the Mu and Terram to open warfare --
so too could such a Gate become the catalyst for war, especially if its
continued use by one faction had devastating side effects on the other or, more
dramatically, would eventually lead to catastrophe for all.

> Believing "space" to be their destiny, the Zeon tend to avoid planetary
> colonization. The Federation, while having a strong space force, tend toward
> planetary bases (even on planets where they have to build atmosphere domes or
> underground)

There's an old SF trope of conflict between repressed planet-dwellers and
freedom loving spacers and asteroid dwellers that exactly parallels the
Earthnoid and Spacenoid factions in Gundam. My favorite of these is Murray
Leinster's Raiders From The Rings, in which the spacers discover that radiation
that is screened out by a planetary atmosphere has sterilized them and must
abduct women from Earth to produce the next generation. Earth is overpopulated
and the women are held in low esteem there, but prized to the point of worship
by the Ringers, so the fleet sent from Earth meets with unexpected and totally
incomprehensible resistance from the very women they've been sent to rescue.
Both sides are acting rightly from their own perspective, locked in mortal
combat simply because they've failed to communicate, since women from Earth
would gladly volunteer to go to space if only they knew how treasured they'd be.

Nevertheless, I still think that there's a lot that can be done with Gundam as
it is, without expanding it into the Jovian Chronicles milieu, much less to
BattleTech scale.


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