Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 23:21:10 -0800

>I just went to HLJ to buy some models

Dude... you really should check out how low local retailer prices
have dropped to around L.A.

>and I noticed they had new Zaku II
>and Gouf MSiA figures.
>But, they were priced 2890yen each.


I just saw them tonight at Frank & Son's collectibles show, a Japanese
retailer was selling them at $15.00 each. That's HALF the price HLJ
charges, and no shipping fee either!

The Gouf is the "Okawara's Illuration Version" special edition figure
like the 2-pack that came out a while ago. Lots of lines and markings
over the mecha.

The Zaku II is simply called "Zaku II Camouflage ver." and boy does the
figure look ugly, due to the mix of colors and the perfect symmetry of
the patterns. It looks completely hedious, making the original color
versions of the Zaku II figure look so convincingly realistic by
comparison. You can do way better by painting one of your own Zaku II
figures in camouflage patterns.

>Are these two figures limited
>versions or something?

More like color variations until the molds go bust. The mold line
over the Gouf's monoeye is so severe now even the paint can't cover it.


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