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> Actually, the 'Robotech' names are only that in the context of what
> was stuck on the
> Matchbox toy boxes, corresponding PlayMates toys, and the RPG (which
> simply copied
> the toy names). The series, if anything, endorses the original Macross names:
> http://www.3dgamedev.com/robotech/Mecha/mecha_notes.html#Tomahawk

Can you spell "retcon"? Good! I knew you could!

All these people have done is use the fact that they either didn't use the
licensed American name -- that is, the name that they'd paid to have copyrighted
for their merchandize and actually owned -- or slipped up and forgot to use the
licensed name in the actual show to justify reverting to the original Japanese
name now.

It reminds me of the way Microsoft first touted "NT" as standing for "New
Technology" and then, a few years later, claiming it didn't stand for anything.
Now, a few years even further down the road, they're saying it stands for
"Network Technology"....

(Meanwhile, you have a bunch of geeks who had nothing to do with it claiming
that "NT" is actually "MS" left-shifted one character position. These are the
same idiots who also claim that "HAL" is "IBM" encoded the same way, despite the
fact that Arthur C. Clarke, who could easily take the credit for being extremely
clever, has stated on numerous occasions that the thought had never occurred to
him. But I digress.)

Suffice it to say that I don't believe a word of it. They've had over fifteen
years in which they could've published the names they say they intended from the
start, but they used the licensed names the entire time.

> > And, as noted, the Macross SDR-04 Phalanx Mk XII became the
> Robotech Spartan Mk
> > XII, which has no corresponding BattleTech mech.
> It was in the original BattleTech game if I am correct, known as the Bowman.

Show me.


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