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> The Colony Republican Guard is elevated to the status
> of a full-fledged military, the Zeon
> Elite Force (ZEF). Artesia Som Daikun, Kai Shiden, Nina
> Purpleton, Paptimus Scirocco and Kiki Logita born.
> Sayla Mass and Nina Purpleton looks way older than
> Kiki..., and Nina is twenty-one when she finished the
> Gundam project. is this right?

Appearance is subjective, especially since we're talking about renditions by
different artists with completely different styles. All of Mikimoto's
watercolors and sketches of Christina MacKenzie make her look about the same age
as Ling Mingmei in Macross, which is to say sweet sixteen, when her given age is

The names appear in the timeline where they do -- in this case UC 0062 --
because that's where the math places them. The ages of Artesia/Sayla, Kai and
Kiki are all given as 17 in UC 0079 (0079 - 17 = 0062). Nina was, as you noted,
21 in UC 0083 (0083 - 21 = 0062) and Scirocco as 25 in UC 0087 (0087 - 25 = 62).
These ages were given in various references and you'll find them in the
Character specs on the Gundam Project -- they're canonical. All I did was
backform them by simple subtraction, which is not very precise, as they
character's birthday could be a day or a year minus a day away in either

For example, the action of First Gundam starts on 18 September 0079, so Sayla
could've been born anywhere between 18 September 0062 and 17 September 0063 and
still be 17 for the purposes of the show. (Thankfully, neither is a Leap Year,
which would interpose an extra day!) I elected to simply use the year that was
17 whole numbers prior to 0079 as her birth year and leave it at that.

Every so often, we get an "official" birthday for the characters. The majority
of these come from Gundam ZZ, as given in the two-volume Animedia Extra from
Gakken. The year was not included but the age was, so combining the two gives
an absolute birth date for the few characters for who both birthday and age are


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