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> good point but I'd stick with -Z-, the underlying theme of Gundam is that
> man is his own worst enemy. to introduce things like aliens won't make it
> Gundam anymore. notice that even in the alternate universe Gundams they
> stick to this theme. I don't think they would want to cross that line and
> march into Macross territory

 I've come to realize that humans can be their worst enemy and don't need
Gundam to keep rehashing this. How many times must Gundam tell the same
basic story and ideas? No one knows exactly what Gundam is supposed to tell,
only the creator knows this, so no one can say for sure for the true
underlying theme of Gundam truly is.

 Something as old as Gundam is should explore other ideas. While I do like
Gundam, I do get tired of the same basic story being told. Most Gundam shows
are very similar to each other in many, but not all ways. This is not a bad
thing and that's one reason I like Gundam, because of it's seeming if it
isn't broke, don't fix it attitude, but it does get a bit old. While I
haven't seen Turn A, but hope to, from what I've read about it, it does add
some fresh and new ideas to the Gundam universe. With how the Turn A Gundam
robot turned out, I'd love to see what other shows would look like with Syd
Meid as the main mecha designer. I disliked/hated it at first, the Turn A
design has grown on me. I don't care if this makes me sound crazy for liking
the Turn A. ;)

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