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exactly what i mean. who are we to tell what aliens
should be like? Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
says that we can not predict anything too far off. the
orbits of e- we can't even predict. why do i think
aliens would look human? cuz humans are all i've been
exposed to. humans are so deep that we don't
understand ourselves. otherwise we would have no wars,
and we all would be truly happy, and we'd have a
utopia. like Brave New World.....
we have much more on this earth to explain before we
even touch the outer reaches of space. look at the
deep oceans we have. the creatures down there are
strange. what are the chances of an alien being any
different than what we have been exposed to?
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> BlazeEagle wrote:
> > From: "Gundam EZEight" <>
> >
> > > in a way, all are humans. think about it. how
> likely
> > > is it that highly advanced aliens would be
> spider
> > > like. i feel that the human body is the perfect
> life
> > > form. it is the right size and posture. a little
> > > fragile, but still....
> >
> > Makes sense. Aliens could easily be humans from
> another universe or galaxy.
> > In the Hyperion series of books by Dan Simmons,
> there are these "aliens"
> > called Ousters who are nothing more then enhanced
> humans, one of the books
> > seems to hint that they are from the Future.
> The biggest problem with truly alien aliens is that
> viewers have no frame of
> reference for dealing with them. Even the best
> writers invariably end up with
> aliens that are really humans in a different skin,
> if only because its so
> difficult to do differently. I think one of the
> best instances I've seen of
> aliens in a game were the ones in Independence War.
> You had no clue what was
> going on, why they were there, or even why you kept
> running into them. Even
> when the game was over, you were no wiser. And
> simply put, that's probably how
> initial interactions with aliens would turn out.
> junior
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