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BlazeEagle wrote:
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> i
> > think it'd be neat to see an inter-steller war story where it was the
> > hairless apes that were the superior warrior breed.. could be the alins
> > struck first, or were attacked, or maybe just a mutual
> > miss-understanding.. and then you could have our typical gundam hero
> > taking a prototype mobile suit and a crackerjack crew out to protect
> > this new race from his/her fellows befor they exterminate the race
> >
> Never thought of this, but I think this idea is a very good one. Any Sci-Fi
> series could do this though, they could just replace the Gundam with space
> ship. It would be good if Gundam did this first of course! :) I find your
> idea very interesting, it offers some unique possibilities and is original.
hmm, how about a variation of a variation? Gundam Wing

instead of having Minovsky physics be the cornserstone of fictional
science make it FTL travel and have Mobiel suits constructed in more
conventional ways..

the Terran stellar nation has been at war off and on with one or more
alien races for decades if not centuries, another war has broken out but
this time it's different, a combination of greed for the resources of
the other stellar nations along with feelings of racial supremacy,
manifest destany, and any number of other unsavory reasons have made
this next campaign a war of extermination, with the intent of destroying
entire cultures if not whole races..

enter the gundams.. to facilitate their plans the Terrans develop the
latest evolution in thier mobile weapons programs, breakthrouhgs in FTL
technologies allow for a heavy well-equiped mobiel suit ot be capable of
self-deployment ot distant stars where (like the gundams in G-Wing) they
serve as terror weapons, disrupting key facilities and damaging moral,
forcing the defenders to exspose thier forces in disarray an d be
vulnerable ot invasion.. too powerfull for small units ot handle and to
fast/stealty to get caught in one place long enough for a suitable
concentratoin of force to obliterate them... now a young test pilot
giving the latest Gundam it's shake-down before it's assigned to a
combat pilot (each one has to be custom built because of all the
advanced tech in them) hears distrubing stories about what his
countrymen are doing, and driven by conciounce launches with some frinds
inot the fray to challange these Dark gundams..

whattaya think?


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