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> not nessicarily.. who says that any aliens would be the ones invading
> and conquering and enslaving the human race? maybe you could have a
> story where man is not just his own worst enemy but other's as well.. i
> think it'd be neat to see an inter-steller war story where it was the
> hairless apes that were the superior warrior breed.. could be the alins
> struck first, or were attacked, or maybe just a mutual
> miss-understanding.. and then you could have our typical gundam hero
> taking a prototype mobile suit and a crackerjack crew out to protect
> this new race from his/her fellows befor they exterminate the race
> just a thought
> -Les

good point but I'd stick with -Z-, the underlying theme of Gundam is that
man is his own worst enemy. to introduce things like aliens won't make it
Gundam anymore. notice that even in the alternate universe Gundams they
stick to this theme. I don't think they would want to cross that line and
march into Macross territory

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