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> Here's the BatteTech/Macross/Robotech mecha scorecard:
> BattleTech Macross Robotech
> --------------------- -------------------------------- ---------------------
> -
> ARC-2R Archer = MBR-07 Spartan Mk II Destroid = MBR-07 Gladiator Mk
> II
> CDR-3R Crusader = VF-1J Valkyrie Armored Battloid
> MDR-3R Marauder = Glaugg Command Combat Pod = Officer Battle Pod
> OST-9C Ostroc Mk II = Regault Artillery Combat Pod = Heavy Artillery Pod
> PHX-1 Phoenix Hawk = VF-1S Super Valkyrie Battloid
> PHX-HK2 Phoenix Hawk = LAM VF-1S Super Valkyrie GERWALK
> RFL-3N Rifleman = ADR-04 Defender Mk X Destroid = ADR-04 Raidar-X Mk X
> STG-3R Stinger = VF-1A Valkyrie Battloid
> STG-A5 Stinger LAM = VF-1A Valkyrie GERWALK
> WHM-6R Warhammer = MBR-04 Tomahawk Mk VI Destroid = MBR-04 Excalibur Mk
> VI
> VLK-QA Valkyrie = VF-1J Valkyrie Battloid
> WSP-105 Wasp = VF-1S Valkyrie Battloid
> WSP-105 Wasp LAM = VF-1S Valkyrie GERWALK
> The Macross Spartan becomes Robotech Gladiator and the BattleTech Archer, the
> Defender becomes the Raidar-X and Rifleman and the Tomahawk becomes the
> Excalibur and Warhammer.

Actually, the 'Robotech' names are only that in the context of what was stuck on the
Matchbox toy boxes, corresponding PlayMates toys, and the RPG (which simply copied
the toy names). The series, if anything, endorses the original Macross names:

> And, as noted, the Macross SDR-04 Phalanx Mk XII became the Robotech Spartan Mk
> XII, which has no corresponding BattleTech mech.

It was in the original BattleTech game if I am correct, known as the Bowman.


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