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-Z- wrote:
> More to the point, aliens would completely negate one of the underlying themes
> in Gundam, namely that Man is his own worst enemy.

<rest snipped for brevity>

not nessicarily.. who says that any aliens would be the ones invading
and conquering and enslaving the human race? maybe you could have a
story where man is not just his own worst enemy but other's as well.. i
think it'd be neat to see an inter-steller war story where it was the
hairless apes that were the superior warrior breed.. could be the alins
struck first, or were attacked, or maybe just a mutual
miss-understanding.. and then you could have our typical gundam hero
taking a prototype mobile suit and a crackerjack crew out to protect
this new race from his/her fellows befor they exterminate the race

just a thought


"He's a God, it'll take more than one shot."
     -Lady Eboshi, 'Princess Mononoke'

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