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> I think the reason why some of the fans here think that introducing aliens
> to Gundam is a no-no is because the whole plot of Gundam revolves around
> politics. two ideas conflicting. now introducing aliens would deviate from
> that main plot and it would go into the grounds of other mecha shows, one of
> which is Macross. and with that some people feel that it would strip the
> essence of Gundam because it would be stepping on the territory of another
> extremely popular mecha show.

More to the point, aliens would completely negate one of the underlying themes
in Gundam, namely that Man is his own worst enemy. The entire Newtype subtext
is the conflict between the enlightened or the innocent -- usually one and the
same, because innocence is a state of grace unencumbered by the illusions of the
world -- and those set in their ways and weighed down by gravity. The heroes of
Gundam are those who discover -- or, in some case, rediscover -- their own
humanity and the connection that should rightly exist between all human beings.

Now, a story in which a group of humans lose their humanity in their quest for
power or dominance, only to be redeemed by a youth whose sole desire is to do
the Right Thing -- that's a Gundam story. You see an echo of this in Macross
with the discovery that the Zentraedi and Humanity are different branches of the
same family, brought together by the power of love as expressed through music
derived from their common ancestor, but it's not the same thing as humans who
are losing the humanity versus those who are discovering it.

Me, I'd like to see a story more on the order of Gundam 0080, set in some corner
of the One Year War, where we see the effects of the war on various of the
people caught in the crossfire. Neither the protagonists nor the antagonists in
this story would have MS, but both would suffer from the aftermath of battles
between MS used by other, very remote parties who have no direct bearing on the
story. Gundam without the MS, if you will, although the MS will literally loom
large in the lives of all concerned.

Compare, if you will, the South Seas islanders in WW2. The Axis and Allied
powers rolled through, coming and going, using the islands as stepping stones
across the Pacific, using the locals and casting them aside as circumstances
dictated. Or the Amerindian tribes caught up in the colonial wars of the
British, French and Spanish, to say nothing of the new American nationalists.

Completely different perspective, entirely fresh approach and you don't have to
change the history of the One Year War as we already know it by so much as a


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