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Wed, 7 Feb 2001 18:35:14 -0800

> Ok, I posted something about designing the GML T-shirt a while back and no
> one responded, but that's ok. I have figured out a design that is sure to
> please. Picture this:
> A zaku, gundam Rx-78, and a kampher (or other MS) in the
> charlie's angels pose. This design would be on the back and on the front i
> could see a little GML logo (design unknown). Maybe some sort of cute
> charlie's angels slogan.
> If this sounds ok then please e-mail back. if you have any suggestions
> please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks.

Well, Charlie, if the pose and inspiration is Charlie's Angels, then the MS
should all be from the same side, ne?

Make it the Gundam, GunCannon and GunTank and there you are!

I suppose you could substitute the Ball and the GM for the Gundam, mixing the
eponymous prototype with the mass-production models, but the Big Three are the
logical choices.


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